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Cobie's Bio

Sentez Cabella Gold Rush (Cobie) born November 17, 2000

Zeus v. Loh  ~  Wanerlands Gold Glossy

Cobie came to live with me at the age of three, when she needed to be re-homed. She's always been a bit of a shy girl, but has really come out of her shell after many years of living here and lot's of exposure to tons of friendly visitors. She's my oldest, but still is lively and sweet. She loves other dogs, and was a great auntie to Crystal's litter. She's my escape artist, and try as I might I couldn't keep her in if she wanted to jump out- I tried electric fencing, beefing up the existing five foot fence, but she'd always get out! But luckily she never went anywhere, and was always just out back in the barn when I called. Life with Cobie has always been interesting!


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