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Crystal's Bio

Seelowen's Cristy Minstrel (Crystal) born March 31, 2001

Amadeus Rambo von Seelowen  ~  Baronesse-Allegra Lowe v. Vogtland

Crystal is very special to me, as she's the first Leonberger to join my family. I drove from Montana to the coast of British Columbia to pick her up from Cindy Koppen at Seelowen Kennel. I'll never forget my arrival there and the sight of seeing all eight roly-poly puppies running towards me! She was such a good pup on the ride home, that I knew right then and there that she'd be very special. Crystal was my introduction into showing dogs, and in spite of my inexperience, she attained her LCA championship by the age of two. She's always been a social dog, and enjoys our forays to town, where she's a star, and we walk in parades locally whenever we can. At the age of four, she blessed me with a wonderful litter of three girls and three boys. She was the best mom to them! She enjoys hiking, camping, swimming and skiing, and is a great traveler, accompanying me to many dog shows around the country. At the age of six, she got Best Spay-Neuter at the Specialty in Asheville, N.C. over a large group of dogs. Then at the National Specialty in Wisconsin, she got Best Veteran at the age of seven. Her favorite thing is to wake me in the morning by putting her head on the bed and just staring at me. When I come home, even after being gone a short while, she does the cutest little bucking to show her excitement. She's a star in my book, and I love her dearly!


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