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Great Northern Leonberger's "A" Litter

Ch. Seelowen's Cristy Minstrel CGC (Crystal)  ~  Ch. Lions Share Leanellas Cyrus CD CGC TDI

We took a trip to California for the breeding of Crystal and Cyrus, which was an adventure in itself. The adventure continued when Crystal gave birth to six puppies on July 8, 2006. She whelped 3 boys and 3 girls in my bedroom closet (her firm choice for her birthing spot) Crystal was an excellent mother to them, and didn't mind when neighbors came over to check them out. They grew quickly, and we all enjoyed the day when they first got introduced to the wide world outside. Watching the puppies grow was so entertaining, but all too soon it was time to send them to their new homes. They went to homes in Montana, California, and one went as far away as Boston. It's a wonderful feeling when I hear from their new families about how much they are loved. That's the most that a breeder can ask for.