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Rory's Bio

Great Northern's Aurora Borealis (Rory) born July 8, 2006

Lion's Share Leanellas Cyrus  ~  Seelowen's Cristy Minstrel

Rory is the "green girl" from my first litter. She was always the most inquisitive puppy- first one to get out of the whelping box, first one to start chewing a toy, just the leader of the pack! She did well at the shows, getting 2/3 of the way to her championship, but never did get there because I decided to have her spayed, as she didn't turn out to be breeding quality. But she's very smart, so my focus with her has now turned to rally, which is a very fun sport! We both got our rally novice title together, and now I'll be working with her on her advanced title. And I'm also working with her to teach her ski-joring. She's such a sweetheart- I call her my little love muffin. She's the kind of dog who wants to be with you all the time, making sure that everything's all right with my world. And she's also the designated watchdog, taking her job very seriously and keeping the world safe from all threats. But of course, if you came to the door and spoke sweetly, she would more that likely cover you with kisses! There will always be a very special spot in my heart for Rory.


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